AR Headsets

Rokid Max – My Favorite Video Glasses So Far

The Rokid Max video glasses are Rokid’s latest and greatest offering in the wearable display category of XR headsets. They are the successor to the “Rokid Air” and offer several impr...

Rokid Max

Rokid Max are light-weight video glasses that offer a 50° FOV virtual OLED display, diopter adjustment and improved audio quality as compared to the predecessor. The two microOLED displays feature 108...

Nreal Light Devkit Unboxing

This is the unboxing of the Nreal Light Development Kit! It can now be pre-ordered from the Nreal website for $1199. The Nreal Light Devkit includes everything developers need to build their own AR ap...

Nreal Light

The Nreal Light is an AR headset targeted at consumers. It features two 180p Micro Oled displays and connects to either a dedicated compute unit or to the user's Android smartphone.

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