Month: February 2021

G2 Frankenfov Mod

The Frankenfov Mod for the Reverb G2 gets you closer to the lenses which increases FOV and sweetspot of the G2. It is very easy to install the mod but it does make a big difference. 

Mamut Grips 3

The Mamut Grips 3 controller grips were developed with the Quest 2 in mind but are also compatible with the Reverb G2. They add an additional Index-like strap to the controllers and they are fully com...

VR Cover Controller Grips for Quest 2

The controller grips have been specifically developed for the Quest 2. Thanks to the additional strap the controllers are now safely attached to the user's hands. 

VR Wave Prescription Lenses

VR Wave offers prescription lens adapters for VR headsets. The innovation here are the magnets which will allow you to easily remove the lens adapters, should someone else want to use your headset. 

Apto 2.0 Universal Gun Stock

The Mamut Apto 2.0 Universal Gun Stock is an accessory for VR First Person shooters. What makes it special is the ability to use it with most VR controllers that are on the market right now. 

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