Vive Pro 2 Microphone Fix – A Must Do Mod For Your Vive! [FrankenMIC Mod]

Let’s face it, the Vive Pro 2 microphone sucks! Just as much as the Vive, Vive Pro and Vive Cosmos microphones sucked. It is hard to understand why HTC again did not upgrade that part, especially because it is so easy to fix. The problem of those headsets are the so called pop noises, but hear for yourself:

In order to fix this, all you need is a self-adhesive pop-filter for cameras, that you could buy from Amazon here!

Here is how to apply it:

After you have applied the pop filter, the microphone sounds so much better and your device even has a stylish moustache! 🙂

Let’s listen to the modded microphone now:

As you can tell, it is a huge difference. Of course, this mod is also applicable for Vive, Vive Pro and Vive Cosmos!

Hope this was helpful to you! Now get those moustaches on your devices!

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  1. Gute Lösung!

    Da ich nicht die Scheidung wegen eines OberlippenbÀrtchens möchte, habe ich mir ein Mod Mic Wireless bestellt.
    Sebastians Lösung ist auf jeden Fall wesentlich kosten/leistungs-effizienter.

    • Haha…ja das OberlippenbĂ€rtchen ist wirklich Geschmackssache… 😉 Das ModMic ist *super*! Nicht gĂŒnstig aber wirklich eine tolle Lösung, vielleicht sogar die beste, da du es auch an zukĂŒnfte anbringen kannst!


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