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Deca Move Review – More Immersive VR Locomotion

The DecaMove is a very interesting accessory that might especially be interesting to VR players that enjoy free locomotion in their games and are looking for more immersive ways to play. The wireless sensor that is being clipped on to the player's belt determines the actual direction in real life and transmits it to the supported games. Like this, the direction is not anymore determined by the direction of the head or the controllers, but truly by the player's actual direction. The sensor just works as advertised and I was surprised by the simple setup process and by the polished software experience. All supported games are shown in the software and can simply be started from within. Using the DecaMove felt good and indeed more immersive than simply using the headset's direction or where the controllers point to. With the DecaMove, you can still move into the direction that your body is actually facing but look around without changing the direction. It might sound like a minor difference but it does increase immersion. It is not yet perfect because there is noticeable drift after playing for a while. However, recalibration is very simple and can be done from within VR. Therefore, even though it is not perfect, I believe this little accessory can make a meaningful difference to many VR players.
  • Works Just As Advertized
  • Fair Pricing
  • Smooth Setup
  • Polished Software
  • Good Game Compatibility
  • More Immersive Free Locomotion
  • Simple Calibration
  • Drifting - Needs Recalibration From Time To Time
  • Does Not Work With Quest Games

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