Month: August 2018

XTAL In-Depth Interview

I recently had the chance to interview Marek Polčák, the CEO and Co-Founder of the VRgineers, the company behind the XTAL. The XTAL is a VR headset for enterprise use and sports a wide FOV and a high ...

Pimax 8K v2 Hands-On Review

In October 2017 I had the opportunity to go hands-on with the v2 version of the Pimax 8k. Please note that since that time quite a few things have changed (lenses, software, etc) so while this video w...

Samsung Odyssey+

The Samsung Odyssey+ is an improved version of the Samsung Odyssey VR headset. It features improvements in comfort and display.

StarVR One

The StarVR One is a next-gen VR headset with a claimed 210° horizontal FOV mainly targeted at enterprise customers.

Dell Visor Review

I am a pimax 8k backer but soon I got tired of waiting and bought a Dell visor for the mean time. At the time I got mine it was only $200. The unboxing was very simple with the headset and controllers...

7.5 Good

Pros and Cons, but overall fantastic.

This is my first and only VR headset, though I have tried the Oculus Rift and can easily say the Lenovo Explorer is more comfortable and has a better visual fidelity. The headset is focused on budget ...

8 Great

VR Cover HTC Vive Pro Foam Replacement 16mm

VR Cover's first accessory for the HTC Vive Pro offers a similar experience to stock in terms of field of view and comfort. The PU leather outer material allows you to keep your headset clean regardle...

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