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my name is Sebastian Ang and I am running MRTV. Probably you have seen me in one of the videos or read some of my written reviews here on the website!

MRTV started as a Youtube channel in October 2017. At that time I simply wanted to cover the new Windows Mixed Reality platform. As the channel progressed though I felt that I would like to tell the audience about other VR & AR platforms as well. I felt my excitement for the technology is too big to just cover a single platform, and that I would love to help promote VR & AR in general. Therefore, I changed the concept of my YouTube channel and I started to cover more topics.

In July 2018 I started this website and I clearly defined the MRTV Mission Statement. All of the content you find here and on the YouTube channel is based on this statement and if you want to find out what drives me and what the purpose of MRTV is then go and check it out.

Just as important as the MRTV Mission & Vision is the MRTV Ethics Code. It outlines the values and principles that all reviews are based on. Following this code now and in the future is paramount, and will guarantee that MRTV stands for honest and unbiased reviews.

I hope you have a better idea about MRTV now and I am looking forward to being of service!

Sincerely, Sebastian Ang


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