This document shall clearly state the purpose of MRTV and the reason of its existence. All articles and videos published on this website or any other medium shall fulfill the stated Mission and work towards the Vision.


MRTV exists to promote VR & AR to the general public, to spread the passion for these ground breaking technologies and to help consumers make educated purchasing decisions based on in-depth, unbiased and honest reviews. Means to reach the mission goals are the MRTV YouTube channel, and the accompanying MRTV website but more media channels might be added  in the future.

The VR & AR hardware reviews shall be cornerstone content of MRTV. Consumers shall be able to turn to MRTV’s reviews before making any VR or AR purchase decisions with the full knowledge that they can fully trust MRTV’s expertise and assessment of the device or the accessory in question. Therefore each review must comply to the MRTV Ethics Code and can in no way be sponsored by any party that has an interest in a favorable review.


The Vision of MRTV is to become the most trusted independent VR & AR media outlet on the internet. The brand shall stand for quality content that – first and foremost – serves the consumer’s interests. In general, it shall be the place people turn to when they want unbiased and trusted reviews of VR & AR hardware. In particular, the “MRTV Review” shall become an institution in the VR & AR industry that stands for high quality, in-depth and unbiased reviews, that cannot be bought.


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