Ethics Code

All of the MRTV content must comply with the MRTV Ethics Code as laid out in this document. The consumer’s trust is MRTV’s biggest asset, and in order to protect it – this Ethics Code will be followed strictly.

No Sponsored Reviews

MRTV does not do any kind of sponsored reviews. Period.

All MRTV reviews are unbiased, fair and are produced with the only purpose to educate consumers about the pros and cons of the reviewed product. MRTV does not accept any kind of payment or any other benefit from a third party that expects a favorable review in return.

Full Transparency / Disclosures

If complimentary access to products or services is being given for the purpose of a review, the following principles will be followed:

  • The audience will be informed transparently about having received the product / service free of charge in the video or video description in the form of a disclaimer
  • Before accepting complimentary access, the company will be informed that giving such access does not in any way influence the MRTV review and that the product or service will be treated as if purchased by a consumer
  • ¬†Special attention to unbiased and fair reviewing will be given in these cases – we understand that our reputation has more worth than any single product or service

If travel, lodging or meals will be provided as part of any MRTV coverage, this will only be accepted if the following is the case:

  • coverage brings value to the MRTV community and would not be possible without travel
  • accommodation / meals are reasonable and simply facilitate the coverage
  • travel sponsor will be informed up front that travel, meals and any other benefits will not influence the coverage in any way

Sponsorships and Paid Promotions

MRTV does accept paid sponsorships, but follows strict rules on who may sponsor the channel and how those paid promotions occur. All paid promotions will be made fully transparent and clearly identified as paid content.

MRTV categorically rejects sponsorship offers that may in any way not comply with the “No Sponsored Reviews” principle of this Ethics Code.

In general sponsorship / paid promotions will only be accepted if the product or service may be relevant and of interest to the MRTV community, and if MRTV actually deems the product / service worth promoting.

Affiliate Links

Product links on this website, as well as in the descriptions of Youtube videos, may contain affiliate links. If products are purchased through these links MRTV will receive commissions that help finance the channel. Affiliate links will be added to both recommended products as well as those we do not recommend, and thus they have no influence whatsoever on our opinions or recommendations.






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