Mamut Magnet Stock

The Mamut Magnetic Stock attachment help to connect the Vive Wands or the Oculus Touch controllers to give them that specific rifle feel.

Mamut Touch Grip

The Mamut Touch Grip improve the Oculus Touch controllers by giving them more grip and a strap that fixes them to the hand like the Valve Knuckles do.


The MagTubeVR is an upgrade for the ProTubeVR that exchanges the original cups with magnetic ones.


The ProtubeVR is a rifle accessory that has cups in which you put in your standard VR controllers in order to simulate you holding a rifle in VR.


The 3dRudder is a VR foot controller that allows you to control your VR games with your feet.

Pimax Controllers

The Pimax Controllers are wireless VR motion controllers developed for the Pimax 8k. They come in 2 variations, one with thumbstick, the other one with touchpad.

Image Courtesy Valve

Valve Knuckles

The Valve Knuckles are wireless VR controllers that work together with the Steam lighthouse tracking system.

Windows Mixed Reality Controllers (Samsung)

The Windows Mixed Reality controllers that came with the Samsung Odyssey. Feature improved ergonomics as compared to the standard Windows MR controllers.

Windows Mixed Reality Controllers

The standard Windows Mixed Reality controllers came with all Win MR headsets except the Samsung Odyssey.

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