The Latest Cybershoes Version Brings Lots Of Improvements

At CES 2019 I had the chance to try out the latest version of the Cybershoes, the VR accessory that allows VR enthusiasts to walk in VR. This new built was already much more advanced than the prototype that I reviewed at the MRTV headquarters last year.

The new version does not look like a prototype anymore and since the new version of the Cybershoes has just arrived at MRTV, I am able to show you all the differences in a few pictures now.

The latest Cybershoes version has arrived at the MRTV headquarters.


The prototype Cybershoes still did look like prototypes indeed. Especially the area around the Micro USB ports looked very rough around the edges as you can tell in the following picture.

Old prototype version of Cybershoes. Micro USB port is not very well integrated into the shoes yet.

This has completely changed with the new version. Now the USB port is nicely integrated into the Cybershoes body, as well as an LED and a switch to turn the shoes on and off. The difference is quite remarkable but see for yourself.

New Cybershoes version. As you can tell, USB port is now nicely integrated.


But that is not the only difference. Directly visible when you compare the sole of the shoes that touch the carpet: the Cybershoes now sport some sort of “grip lines” that give the shoes more grip when changing direction in Virtual Reality. The prototypes did not yet have any sort of sole profile.

On the right: Updated Cybershoes version featuring “grip lines”. On the left: prototype version without any kind of sole profile.

The makers of the Cybershoes also eliminated all metal at the outside of the shoe to prevent any kind of electrostatic charge. The prototypes still used blank metal screws at the outside of the shoe to attach the bindings. For the updated version, these screws are now not made of metal anymore and even shielded by plastic covers.

It is great to see the Cybershoes evolving. I had not believed in this project when I just saw the videos of people using them, but after I had tried them myself at Gamescom my opinion had changed quite a bit.

The Cybershoes are now availabe at Indiegogo here:–3#/

If you are wondering if you should back them, I have the right video for you to watch here:


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