New High-End XTAL VR Headset Planned For Consumer Market – MRTV, SweViver & VoodooDe Involved In Development

VRgineers, the company that develops the high-end wide-FOV VR headset “XTAL” for the enterprise sector, is planning to bring their knowledge and experience in the space to the consumer market. A new VR headset is planned right now that pushes the envelope in the high-end VR enthusiast market, but yet should be much more affordable than the current XTAL headset that comes in at $5800. These plans have just been revealed to MRTV on a recent company visit to the VRgineers headquarters in Prague.

Next to MRTV the VRgineers had also invited the other two YouTubers that were closely involved in the Beta testing program of competing VR headset manufacturer Pimax, SweViver and VoodooDe. VRgineers have asked MRTV and the other two YouTubers to be involved in the development process of the new device and to provide suggestions and experience since all three YouTube channels are at the pulse of the VR enthusiast market and know what VR enthusiasts and gamers are really looking for in a high-end VR headset.

MRTV, SweViver and VoodooDE are currently in talks with the VRgineers to work out the details of the planned cooperation. Since the stage at that MRTV as well as the other YouTubers would join development is much earlier than it was the case with the Pimax 8K headset, the prospects of being able to help shape such a high-end VR enthusiast headset are of course very exciting.

Stay tuned to MRTV to find out about the latest news on this developing story.

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  1. Great news. Glad to see VRgineers pushing out ahead of the pack in the consumer VR arena. They will be rewarded well for their boldness.

    • YES, I think so too!!!

  2. Think those 3 are the best choice when it becomes to knowledge on VR. Very wise decision from XTAL to use the Knowhow from these 3 VR experts.

    • Thanks Durch!!! It was a smart decision, also in terms of free PR. Genius move!

  3. Okey, my “xtal gamer version” piggy bank has just opened!

    MRTV knewed it first!

    • Oh yes!!! MRTV on the frontlines!!! Get used to it, VR world!! 🙂

  4. Exciting times!
    The money I would pay for a great VR device rises with every month I dont have it! 😛

    • It is expensive to follow this channel… no doubt about it!!!

  5. If the price wont be higher than $1000 then I will order it for sure!


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