Challenge Of The Week – Week 50 & 51

Oh yes, it is SPRINT VECTOR time again! Hope nobody will destroy their headsets playing the game, especially not me! As you probably know, I have already destroyed an original HTC Vive and my new Samsung Odyssey+, sweating into both devices playing this game…

This challenge will span weeks 50 and 51 since there won’t an MRTV Live show this weekend. So this time, you can join and post your best times (including link to video or picture proof) until Saturday, 22nd of December, 10pm CET!

We are playing the track “Driftway” in time trial mode! Of course, the best time will win. This time, the winner will not only win points for their respective country, but also MRTV swag in form of MRTV stickers that are actually only available through Patreon early next year! What an amazing motivation to win this!!! 🙂

Good luck!!! And again, do take care of your headsets! Happy racing!


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  1. Getting some points for Germany!! 😀
    My time: 1:07:186
    Have a merry christmas and a great virtual new year

  2. Representing USA, my time is 1:01.244
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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