Challenge Of The Week – Week 48

And here we are in the third challenge of the week! Will the US or England earn their very first point? Will Germany solidify their incredible leading position as THE VR nation? We will find out soon enough!

It is Beat Saber time again! This time, we will play “Escape” on level “Hard”. Again, to take part you must comment on this posting, before Saturday, 1st December, 10pm CET! Make sure to link to your screenshot or videoclip that shows your score! MULTIPLIERS ALLOWED!

This week there is no price…it is all about fighting for country points! 🙂 Enjoy the challenge!

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  1. Hi. First challenge I’ve competed in properly. My score is: 238,705.
    I used the built in multipliers, as I assume we can as you cannot tell if someone has or not.
    Proof here:
    I may update with a better score (if I can lol) eventually.

  2. Okay, I got the UK Harry – now I can post my score! xD
    Its 239.170, used the multipliers aswell. Its part of the game now Seb, nothing you can do about it! 😀
    Warriors, join the glorious competition!

    • 😠 I will get you Germany!

    • meh, now 243965 looks bad compared to the other guys ‘:D

      • 255984

  3. I need to know in what settings were playing now 😀 im confused..

  4. I got 248, 957 with speed and no arrow modifiers
    My wrists feel num

  5. 229.506 till now, without multipliers.

  6. Score of 269,911 for the US!

    • Congrats!! You WON for the US! 3 points for USA!

  7. Reply
    • SUUUPER!!! 2. Platz für Deutschland! 2nd Place Germany!!!

  8. Reply
    • Congrats!!! 3rd Place for Switzerland!!!

  9. 270.485 for Germany.

    • Amazing! Best Score again….BUT, I cannot count it, it was too late man! Had to post Saturday before 10pm! Next time!


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