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MRTV Preliminary Samsung Odyssey+ Review: Best Current-Gen Headset On The Market

These days lots of people ask me when the final MRTV Samsung Odyssey+ review will be out. I understand, people would like to know if they should take advantage of the $299 Black Friday deal or not. As...

Holiday Deal Brings New Samsung Odyssey+ to Just $300

Samsung Odyssey+ is the company’s latest VR headset, and while it launched just a few weeks ago for $500, the Korean tech giant is throwing it on sale this Black Friday at a 40% discount.   The d...

Walmart Deal Brings Lenovo Explorer Headset + Controller Bundle to $180

Some of the big box retailers have already published their Black Friday deals, but there are still a few to go leading up to the November 23rd sale. But before Black Friday and Cyber Monday even begin...

Samsung Odyssey+

The Samsung Odyssey+ is an improved version of the Samsung Odyssey VR headset. It features improvements in comfort and display.

Dell Visor Review

I am a pimax 8k backer but soon I got tired of waiting and bought a Dell visor for the mean time. At the time I got mine it was only $200. The unboxing was very simple with the headset and controllers...

7.5 Good

Pros and Cons, but overall fantastic.

This is my first and only VR headset, though I have tried the Oculus Rift and can easily say the Lenovo Explorer is more comfortable and has a better visual fidelity. The headset is focused on budget ...

8 Great

Great Headset, Almost Perfect..

This is an amazing headset, with outstanding displays and clarity, and unmatched fov in the catagory. Although the padding and way of wearing could use some work!

9.4 Amazing

Fantastic Headset – Great Value

In my opinion the Lenovo Explorer is a fantastic headaset at a wonderful price. It is a steal at around $250 and offers LOADS of value. The visuals are fantastic and better than Rift and Vive. Even th...

8.5 Great

Asus Windows Mixed Reality Review

The Asus Windows Mixed Reality headset launched a few month later than the other Windwows MR headsets but still comes along with the exact same specs. What makes this headset special is without a doub...

7.8 Good

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