‘Firewall Zero Hour’ to Get New Maps, Characters & Weapons Starting Tomorrow

Firewall Zero Hour (2018), the PSVR exclusive team-based shooter from First Contact Entertainment, is getting a new DLC drop soon called Operation: Heartland. The free DLC is said to arrive in two pieces, the first on October 22nd and the second on November 26th.

Overall, the entire DLC will include two new characters, two new maps, a secondary weapon called the Nerve Gas Mine, and new primary weapons called the TC1 Crossbow and the Classic Reg K8.

The first half of the Operation: Heartland DLC, which is coming tomorrow, includes the new contractor Bear, an expert hunter that can remove the red enemy chevron above his character.

The new map, called Prepper, takes place in a doomsday prepper’s bunker network, explains game director Damoun Shabestari in a PS blog post.

Also coming tomorrow is the Nerve Gas Mine, which emits a lethal cloud of gas that causes constant damage to players who step within its radius.

On November 26th, a second character named Dom will bring the ‘Survivalist’ skill, which lets players receive an additional downed state.

Another new free map, called Gauntlet, will also arrive then, a training ground located in the state of Virginia. Shabestari maintains fans of the Shoothouse map should look forward to this one.

In addition, Operation: Heartland includes 24 new cosmetic rewards, which include things like different trinkets, face paints, and camo skins.

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