RiftCat’s Latest VRidge Solution Turns Your Smartphone Into a Controller

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For several years now RiftCat has allowed SteamVR users to stream virtual reality (VR) content to their smartphones using its software solution VRidge. A low-cost solution to using more expensive VR headsets, RiftCat has recently updated VRidge as well as releasing a new product, the VRidge Controller.

VRidge Beatsaber

The new piece of software essentially turns a smartphone into a controller for VR experiences, whether that’s a gun, a hand, sword or anything else. The app also allows up to two smartphones to be used simultaneously – great for videogames like Beat Saber. It is also compatible with other tracking devices e.g. Daydream controller provided with Lenovo Mirage Solo.

VRidge Controller not only supports the motion control functionality of normal VR headset controllers but also their particular buttons, like triggers, menu and grip.

The app is part of a larger ‘Tracking Update’ for VRidge, updating to version 2.3. This brings new tracking methods allowing you to use an Xbox controller or mouse with a keyboard to emulate VR controllers within SteamVR.

Be aware that you will need the core VRidge software for VRidge Controller to work.

VRidge Controller Menu

VRidge’s last update, version 2.2, concentrated on standalone devices, introducing support for the Oculus Go and HTC Vive Focus.

There are two versions of VRidge, one is the full version while the other only a trial. The free version includes complete functionality, but you can only use it for 10 mins per session. If you enjoy the demo the full version costs €14.99 EUR. VRidge Controller retails for £4.49 GBP on Google Play, for any further updates from RiftCat, keep reading VRFocus.


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