Evasion’s new Killstreak Update Adds a More Competitive Edge

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Archiact launched its dynamic first-person shooter Evasion several months ago for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR. Having released a couple of updates since then, today the studio has announced the rollout of its biggest content update yet, adding a more competitive edge to the multiplayer experience.


Called the ‘Killstreak Update’, what Archiact has done is introduce an arcade-style scoring system for players, as well as a leaderboard for every mission and difficulty Evasion has to offer. As the campaign allows up to four players to cooperatively complete every mission, with the new additions they can now compete to see who’s the best, with points awarded for Base Kills, Lash Kills, Surge Kills, Assists and more.

And to celebrate the update release, Archiact will be holding a challenge event this weekend. So from 4pm PT on Friday 15th February until 6pm PT on Sunday 17th February, you will be able to fight side by side with the developers to challenge their skills. Top-scoring players form each platform will then be awarded prizes.

A frantic sci-fi shooter that can be played in either single-player or co-op multiplayer modes. Evasion allows gives you the option to choose from four character classes (Striker, Surgeon, Engineer and Warden) each having their own unique strengths, weapons and abilities, which you’re then able to customise as they level-up.


Featuring an action-packed story campaign as well as a Survival Mode, the studio paid particular attention to the locomotion aspects of the title. Movement plays a very important role in any FPS, so Archiact has been keen to ensure players are as comfortable as possible whilst in VR. There’s a big range of movement customisation options available to suit every need. Whether that’s teleportation, smooth locomotion, snap turning or anything in between. Additionally, the PlayStation VR version also comes with support for the PlayStation Aim controller, although this does mean you can’t dual wield.

Evasion was one of VRFocus’ favourite VR shooters of 2018, making it onto our ‘Best HTC Vive Games of 2018‘ list.  VRFocus will continue its coverage of Archiact and Evasion, reporting back with any further updates.


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