Nickelodeon To Host Interactive AR ‘New Year’s Eve Loud House Party’ Marathon

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Celebrate New Years Eve with the Loud House crew using Nick’s Screens Up AR companion app.

Getting ready to rock into the new year? Get your dance shoes on, pack your crazy confetti party poppers and call over Luan, Leni, Lori, Lincoln, Clyde, Luna, Lynn, Lucy, Lisa, Lola, Lily, Lana and any of your siblings or closest friends for an extra special “New Year’s Eve Loud House Party” — Nickelodeon is bringing its signature Screens Up AR app to its hit show The Loud House for a New Year’s Eve interactive augmented reality (AR) marathon packed with fan-favorite episodes.

Nickelodeon is one of the first kids and family entertainment companies to create interactive TV through gamification and AR. The first Screens Up interactive AR experience launched in July for Kids’ Choice Sports Awards, followed by another in October for the Henry Danger, Stranger Things-themed Halloween event. Now Nickelodeon is rockin’ into the New Year with the New Year’s Eve Loud House Party interactive marathon.

Rather than plopping on the couch and zoning out to a traditional TV viewing experience, kids can get interactive through the Screens Up App allowing them to unlock and collect AR versions of their favorite Loud House characters and bring them to life straight from their living rooms.

The marathon features main character Lincoln Loud enlisting the aid of the viewers for an important mission: help “collect” his family and best friend – represented in the form of AR “stickers” –  to make his party the best ever; all culminating in a massive New Year’s Eve celebratory dance.

Viewers will be on the lookout for each of Lincoln’s 10 sisters, as well as his best friend Clyde, who will be popp up in graphic overlays throughout the on-air marathon. When they spot one, they can “capture” it by pointing their phone’s camera at their television screen. Doing so unlocks special animated AR stickers that can be placed anywhere in their world. When all the characters are collected, users unlock a bonus sticker of the entire Loud crowd doing a special New Year’s Eve dance right in their living room!

Viewers can use the Nickelodeon Screens Up app to collect the stickers and unlock the bonus elements, as well as participate in Loud House live votes, meme makers, trivia and polls with real-time results tallied on-air.

It’s an action-packed party merging the wonderment of kids favorite Loud House characters and gamifying the experience in ways that are true to how kids play and interact with the world.

Kids and parents can download Nickelodeon’s free-to-play Screens Up app from the App Store and Google Play. Kids not using mobile devices can access the live votes, polls, trivia, and other interactive elements during the marathon at

Gather your 10 sisters and closest friends, launch the Screens Up app and get the party started Monday, December 31 from 5-9 p.m. ET/PT.

Image Credit: Nickelodeon


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