Viveport Deal is Practically Giving Away ‘SUPERHOT VR’, ‘Accounting+’ & More to Subcribers

This article was originally published by RoadToVR

Viveport, HTC’s digital content store for Vive and Rift, just got one of the best deals we’ve seen yet on VR games this holiday season. Starting today, Viveport subscribers can pick up five top-rated VR titles for just $1 a piece.


Viveport lets you choose five games each month from a pool of eligible titles, and regularly tosses out free games and other special events throughout the year. Plans range from three months for $20 to 12 months for $80.

From now until November 19th, existing Viveport subscribers and even members using a 14-day free trial, can get these awesome titles for just one dollar (or local equivalent).



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  1. This deal is so good, even I am tempted to sign up. And I don’t even own a PC VR headset!

  2. This is so good. I haven’t even tried Arizona, but I’ve played around 40 minutes of Superhot and I already think I have got my money’s worth! Amazing.


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