The Problem with Crappy VR

A long while back I tried proper VR for the first time. It was amazing but at a high price at the VR experience store, so I only managed to persuade two friends to come if I payed a bit. Both of them are now planning to get VR when they doubted they’d care.

Now yesterday I bought a second hand Lenovo Explorer, and shown some other people. Now they’ve seen it they’re more than happy to pay the £400 price tag for the quest.

The problem with a lot of VR things, especially the cheap mobile headsets, is they’re advertised as amazing and people buy them thinking it’s proper VR. You can’t blame them because it is marketed like that. My problem is less with Daydream and Gear VR, as they do provide a good experience considering it’s mobile. It’s the other cheap pieces of plastic which are just expensive Google cardboards. From the looks of it, there is not even a controller to interact with in most of them.

Obviously there isn’t a way to stop this, and most people who have tried this wouldn’t pay for a better headset. Especially with the computer needed.
Although, I hope oculus quest can persuade more people to jump into VR! (And of course show their friends and get them into VR too)

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  1. I think Oculus Quest will show a lot of people how good VR can be. It is the complete package; a standalone 6DoF headset, two 6DoF controllers and a carefully curated Store – without the huge amount of shovelware being passed off as ‘VR Experiences’ on Daydream, Gear VR and Oculus Go stores.

    • I definitely agree. Even daydream, which I think as the more premium mobile brand (Google seems to have more polished games on there) is still full of expensive clutter. I really hope quest can change this.

  2. Sry but this artical sounds like it was written by me, it dont tell the hole story and miss key info.

  3. John Carmack made a very specific mention of this in his OC5 Keynote presentation this year. The Store on the Quest will not look like the one available to Oculus Go and Gear VR users. That means there will be less stuff available, but what there is – will be of good quality. Remember, the Nintendo Switch only started out with a dozen or so games on it’s store. I’d rather they do things this way, so people only have good quality VR experiences with Oculus Quest.

    • Good. I’d rather it be full of good, maybe a bit pricier items than crappy cheap ones. One or two bad experiences, especially at the start can completely break something for someone. By controlling their store tighter I think they’ll get more customers for sure.

      • Yeah, Oculus have said stuff will be more expensive ($20+) on the Quest store, but the games will be far better.

  4. Der Handel in Deutschland will ja nicht – es gibt keinerlei Print-Werbung – keinerlei TV-Werbung -findet in Deutschland nicht statt….

    • Ah. I translated your comment (I can’t speak German) but I assume you can read English as you replied.
      Unfortunately here Samsung mainly, but also Oculus do a lot of TV advertising. Daydream is less on TV and more on the internet. Oculus advertised rift on TV a bit, but Samsung advertises GearVR as a “most premium” product. It’s not great.


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