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Tethered VR Headsets

Pimax Artisan Unboxing – How Comfortable Is The New Valve Index Competitor From Pimax?

The Pimax Artisan is the new entry level wide FOV headset from Pimax. Priced at $449 for the headset only it directly competes against the Valve Index. In this unboxing I am checking out the new comfo...

Pimax Vision 8K Plus Unboxing

This is the unboxing of the Pimax Vision 8K Plus, the little sibling of the 8K X! The version that I am unboxing here is the $899 one that comes without the Modular Audio Strap. This SKU is $100 cheap...

Pimax Vision 8K Plus

The Pimax Vision 8K Plus is the successor of the Pimax 8K. It sports dual 4k displays that are driven by an upscaled signal of lower input resolution. According to their website the 8K Plus has a maxi...

Pimax Artisan Preview

The Pimax Artisan is the new Pimax entry level VR headset. Priced at $449 for the headset only it directly competes against the Valve Index ($499) in the market of SteamVR Lighthouse Tracking compatib...

Pimax Artisan

The Pimax Artisan is an entry level wide FOV headset. It features a maximum FOV of 170° (diagonal), a maximum refresh rate of 120hz and a resolution of 1700 * 1440 pixels per eye.

Pimax Vision 8K X

The Pimax 8K X is the Pimax flagship VR headset. It features dual native 4k displays that can be driven at their native resolution.

MRTV Preliminary Samsung Odyssey+ Review: Best Current-Gen Headset On The Market

These days lots of people ask me when the final MRTV Samsung Odyssey+ review will be out. I understand, people would like to know if they should take advantage of the $299 Black Friday deal or not. As...

Samsung Odyssey+

The Samsung Odyssey+ is an improved version of the Samsung Odyssey VR headset. It features an improved OLED display with an Anti-SDE coating and a resolution of 1600 * 1440p per eye.

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