A More Comfortable WMR Controller

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Most Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) headsets come with the same, standardized controllers. However, Samsung chose to customize their bundled controllers with a more ergonomic feel. Compare these to the standard WMR controller and you will notice a rounded end and grip. The length fits nice in the hand and stays secure when you’re throwing out punches.

As for durability, these controllers have smacked tables, walls, friends, and one time I made the mistake of reaching up into the area of my running ceiling fan… It left a light grey scar across the ring area, but the lights and functionality of the controller have not been compromised. -Amazing.

Tracking and connection are accurate. No fault of the controller, but you can lose tracking if they are placed out of sight of the HMDs cameras. However, tracking quickly resumes as soon as the controllers enter the view. Really more of a downside of the HMD rather the controllers themselves, and perform the same as the other WMR controller options.

Battery life is ok.

A nice feature of all WMR controllers is that the ring provides a nice rest when placed upside-down upon the ring. Other controllers wobble or lay there without any thought to design while resting. It is easy to set these down and pick them up without removing the headset.

A cut above the other WMR controllers.
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability
  • Functional Design
  • 2xAA Batteries each

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  1. Totally agree on the good points, but I would add some cons too:

    – batteries life is 8-10h max if you use good (>=2000mah) models
    – no way to tie the controller’s strap to the wrist correctly -> have to use an additional stopper which would have cost some cts to Samsung…
    – batteries trap too easy to open just with the palm of the hand


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