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I am a pimax 8k backer but soon I got tired of waiting and bought a Dell visor for the mean time. At the time I got mine it was only $200. The unboxing was very simple with the headset and controllers sitting on a single piece of plastic inside. Setup was very simple only taking about ten minutes. I immediately noticed that the controllers felt blocky and uncomfortable but eventually I got used to them. The tracking works well most of the time but is still not as good as out side in tracking. My favorite part about the headset is portability. I can just throw the headset and controllers in a bag and set it back up again at a friends house in under ten minutes. The dell visor is a good headset for my needs but in some aspects not as good as the rift or vive and it’s not even close to the Vive Pro or Samsung Odyssey. Overall for the price the dell visor is a great buy if you don’t have the budget for a higher end headset.

Even though The dell visor is a much better headset then the rift or vive spec wise with the improved screen and lenses. It also takes a step back by not including a mic or audio. And while the psvr style head strap is comfortable to wear most of the time it is difficult to show people how to put it on while there wearing headphones. Never the less for the price point the dell visor is still a great headset if you have a small enough pair of headphones or a good pair of ear buds.
  • Good screen
  • Good lenses
  • Comfortable Headstrap
  • No base stations
  • Great price
  • Good for glasses users
  • No integrated audio
  • No integrated mic
  • Un-ergonomic controllers
  • Headset tends to fold out when bending down
  • Head strap tends to block most headphones

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  1. I am a pc gamer and vr always intrigued me so when I got a vr ready graphics card I looked at options for me to do it. Sadly the oculus and vive where a little out of my price range. Then I found out about windows mr headsets and how cheap they were going for. I found a dell visor on amazon for 250 pounds and bought it as soon as I could. When it arrived the packaging was basic and straight to the point and settup was easy. It took 10 minutes and then I was into the cliff house at which point I launched steam vr. After playing some games I started to notice how uncomfortable the controllers where but this feeling soon subcided. The headset itself was comfy and I loved the use of the flip up display. I found I coukd play it for hours without rest as it was so comfortable compared to my friends vive which was not the case with. It could run any game I threw at it though buyer beware you’ll need your own mic for games like rec room or vr chat. I use my modmic 5 with a y splitter shared with my headphones. There is some light leakage but not enough to annoy me. The immersion in games was amazing and I didn’t notice the inside out tracking messing up even in games where I was reaching behind me a lot. Overall I reccomend this for getting into vr if you find the more expensive vive or rift to be outside budget and have an ipd of around 64mm as if not this won’t work for you. I showed this to my family and they too were impressed by it.


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