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Varjo VR-3 Though-The-Lens – The Best VR Headset Money Can Buy

The Varjo VR-3 is a new high-end VR headset for enterprise customers. The company wants to achieve true immersion for their customers. And with those specs, they might get very close to actually make it happen.

The headset boasts aspheric lenses to get rid of those pesky godrays that Fresnel lenses are plagued with. Moreover, Varjo has perfected their display-in-display technology that would place a super high density micro-OLED display within another peripheral vision display. For The VR-1 and VR-2 you could still recognize the border between these displays, here I could not. On top of all that, the headset also now offers a much wider field of view than before. The company states a 115° horizontal FOV and that feels about right. For my full review, I will obviously do all these measurements.

Normally I would first publish an unboxing and a first impression video, but this time I simply had to show you a through-the-lens video. The visuals are simply astonishing. Looking through the VR-3 feels like looking at a glossy magazine. It is impossible to make out individual pixels and it is a very clear step up from the Reverb G2, that until this point in time had been the king of clarity. That title now goes to the VR-3 and I cannot wait to bring you more content!

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