Pimax Artisan with KDMAS Audio Strap – Surpisingly Great!

Pimax offers quite a number of wide FOV headsets and new models keep coming. The one that I personally so far liked the most is actually the “Artisan”. Their entry level headset that is priced at 509€ for the European market.

At that price the device only comes with an elastic headstrap and no audio solution. A fact that really held back the device.

I have now checked it again with the KDMAS audio strap that you can buy for 109€. Together, Artisan and KDMAS make for a great combination and in my opinion that is the way Pimax should sell the headset.

The KDMAS is comfortable and the on-ear headphones do a good job. It is not Valve Index audio quality but it is actually as good as the audio solution found on the Vive Pro headset series. Only gripe would be the cable management which is basically non existent for the audio cable.

The KDMAS Artisan is an interesting headset that offers Index level visuals with a wider FOV. Consumers that were interested in the Artisan but did not buy it because of the missing audio solution might now have a second look at the headset.

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