Oculus Quest 2 Review

The Quest 2 is dominating the VR market and that is for a good reason. The Quest 2 is an incredible VR headset at a very affordable price. It is truly a headset that is aimed at the mass market. Thanks to being a wireless standalone VR headset, no PC or gaming console is needed to use it, which makes it a great first headset for people new to VR. But even VR enthusiasts that want to play the latest PCVR games wirelessly could pick up the headset thanks to its AirLink functionality that allows for wireless streaming of PCVR content. The Quest 2 also impresses with a big game library and a constant flow of new games for the platform. Most major VR games can be found here and the few that are PCVR only can be streamed, if a gaming PC is available. Sounds too good to be true? Unfortunately there is one big major concern: Facebook forces you to use your Facebook account to login. You cannot use your Quest 2 without it being tied to your real name and social media account. Now should you for any reason get banned from Facebook, your game library is gone, too. Moreover, Facebook's business model is advertising. So the money that was used to subsidize the Quest 2 will at one point have to be earned back. Chances are high that your data and usage patterns will play a role in that. So your data and your privacy in VR might be the real price of admission for the Quest 2 and that is something you should keep in mind. If it was not for that though, it would be hard not to recommend the Quest 2.
  • Very Affordable Price
  • Standalone Headset - No PC Or Console Needed
  • Wireless
  • Good Visuals - Less SDE Than Quest 1
  • Big Game Libray - Lots Of More Titles On The Way
  • Lighter Than Quest 1
  • Great Controllers With Incredible Battery Life
  • Best In Class Inside-Out Tracking - No Base Stations Need
  • Portable
  • Well Thought Through First Party Accessories
  • Plenty Third Party Accessories
  • Hand-Tracking Functionality
  • Link/AirLink Functionality To Stream PCVR Titles
  • Forced Facebook Login - If FB Account Gets Lost Games Are Gone, Too
  • Forced Facebook Login - Actions In VR Tied To Your Real Name
  • Forced Facebook Login - Cheap Price Subsidized By Your Data & Privacy
  • Only Single Display - No Real IPD Adjustment - Just 3 IPD Positions
  • Front-Heavy With Standard Strap
  • Just Standard FOV - Bit Smaller Than Quest 1 FOV
  • Visible Glare / God Rays
  • Only Around 2h Of Battery Life

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