HP Reverb G2 Review – 6 Month Later

The Reverb G2 had a rough launch. First of all, people who pre-ordered the headset had to wait for months before they finally received it. When they did, lots of people had issues with headsets not being compatible with certain types of mainboards or not running well with the latest GPUs. Those issues have now mostly been fixed or workarounds do exist. Once everything runs fine, the HP Reverb G2 will reward you with the best visuals that you can get in consumer VR right now. The resolution is very high and if screendoor-effect bothered you in other headsets before, that's a thing of the past. The LCD panels used here are of high quality and produce vibrant colors with very good contrast. In direct comparison with the Quest 2 or the Valve Index, the G2 panels shine and again, if you want the best visuals, this is your headset. The G2 is also strong in the audio department offering the same great audio solution as the Valve Index. The headphones hover over the ears instead of touching them and deliver a rounded sound experience, even for the bass spectrum. The headset is also great in terms of comfort. The head strap is very similar to that of the Valve Index, but the G2 is lighter than Valve's headset and therefore it even has an edge as far as comfort is concerned. Also in direct comparison with the Quest 2 the Reverb G2 offers a better comfort directly out of the box. Unfortunately the headset is not quite without its compromises despite its marketing claim. The controllers are better than those of its predecessor but not quite as good as that of the Quest 2 or the Valve Index. There is no capacitive finger tracking for example which might be a problem for games like VR Chat that make use of it. Also in terms of controller tracking the competition simply does a better job. The tracking works well and is good enough for the majority of gamers but in direct comparison the Quest 2 has a bigger tracking volume thanks to positioning the cameras in a smarter way. The Reverb G2 is a fantastic headset and my recommendation for all those of you who simply want the best visuals in VR and that can live with good enough, but not perfect controller tracking. Those of you who do need the perfect tracking in all situations though should go for the Valve Index and everyone who wants a wireless VR headset and is not concerned about Facebook will without a doubt appreciate what the Quest 2 has to offer.
  • Best Visuals In VR
  • Great Colors For An LCD Panel
  • High 2k*2* Per Eye Resolution
  • Mura Problems Of Predecessor Solved
  • Fantastic Audio - Same As Valve Index
  • Very Comfortable
  • Real IPD Adjustment
  • Good Lenses - Little Glare / God Rays
  • Improved WMR Controllers
  • Improved Inside-Out Tracking (4 Cameras)
  • Fair Pricing
  • Wired - No Wireless Option Available
  • Needs Dedicated Power Supply To Work
  • Incompatibility Issues With Certain Mainboards
  • Tracking Volume Not As Good As Oculus Headsets Because Of Camera Placement
  • Tracking Very Dependent On Good Lighting Conditions
  • Controllers Do Not Have Finger Tracking
  • Windows Mixed Reality Platform Does Not Add Value

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