Project Morpheus – Enter the matrix with PlayStation VR

What is this VR you speak of? Back in early 2012 through to late 2015 this was the question that most people were thinking and to most was something from a sci-fi film. Oculus was starting to make waves then entered Playstation with their vision who showed us the future of VR. At the time VR headsets were expensive but Playstation committed to a price that was almost half the price of entry into this new platform let alone needing a monster PC to boot.

As soon as I see the PSVR with that Sony quality design/build and to not use a strap to apply pressure to your face I was SOLD. I tried the Vive just under a year to the PSVR launch and was so blown away I counted every day until I could get my hands on my PSVR. Would I be disappointing with the resolution? Would it be a gimmick to put down and gather dust? Would there be no games like my Eye Toy and Move Controllers that Sony dropped so quickly? To answer…….NO! It was the best piece of gaming I had since the generation and generation of consoles. This was not only the next step into immersion it was a giant leap of a VR kind!

Skip a few years and here we are with many headsets and the PSVR selling millions. To me the PSVR is still the best headset for comfort, I rarely get tracking issues and to think it all works with 8 year old controllers, 5 year old hardware is excellent and if you had all this prior like me…………didn’t add extra cost to VR entry.

PSVR has achieved what it set out to do; be the most comfortable headset, most affordable (including already owning a PS4 for example) and to be a headset for the masses. It is on the lower resolution side of the competition but don't let this put you off you still get an excellent immersive experience with a headset that is so comfortable you will forget you even have it on. Thank you PSVR I will always remember the feelings I had stepping into VR in 2016 and here is to many more years.

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  1. What a fantastic PSVR review!!! Thanks for your contribution!!!

  2. You seem to be a bit biased towards this headset, and haven’t mentioned any cons at all. For example, the headset can only track when you face the camera and essentially limits you to 180 degrees of VR.


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