Great Headset, Almost Perfect..

This is an amazing headset, with outstanding displays and clarity, and unmatched fov in the catagory. Although the padding and way of wearing could use some work!

This Headset would be perfect if it was a bit more comfy, and the way to wear it was a bit modified to fit more head shapes. Amazing display for the price, and great colors and deep blacks. At 500$ i would not recommend buying this headset, but if you can grab it on sale for under 400, snatch it while you can! (i paid 399$) The Headphones are actually quite comfortable, but for taller head you will need to lower the headset to get the full volume of the headphones. The headphones sound like clear headphones, but lacking a little in bass. What it lacks in bass, it makes up for in 3D sound-stage. with the headphones being crisp and natural, you can pinpoint each sound and really get immersed in the game!
  • very clear and Vivid Display
  • high resolution
  • Best in class FOV
  • Low Screen door effect
  • Great Build Quality
  • Built in Headphones
  • the foam is a bit stiff for my head
  • hurts to wear over an hour
  • need a good pc to run
  • tracking glitched more often then liked
  • a bit expensive when not on sale

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