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Windows Mixed Reality Controllers (Samsung)

The Windows Mixed Reality controllers that came with the Samsung Odyssey. Feature improved ergonomics as compared to the standard Windows MR controllers.

Samsung Odyssey Discount – Big Apple Buddy

You would love to buy the fantastic Samsung Odyssey but it is not being sold in your country? No problem, Big Apple Buddy is here to help you out! Big Apple Buddy is your personal shopping concierge t...

Samsung Odyssey vs. Oculus Rift – In-Depth Comparison

In this video I compare all of the pros and cons of the the Samsung Odyssey and the Oculus Rift! Which headset is better for who? Find out!

Samsung Odyssey Review

The Samsung Odyssey is the flagship headset among the Windows MR devices. And that’s still true now, more than half a year after it had launched end of 2017. What sets it apart from the other Wi...

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