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Pimax 8K v2 Hands-On Review

In October 2017 I had the opportunity to go hands-on with the v2 version of the Pimax 8k. Please note that since that time quite a few things have changed (lenses, software, etc) so while this video w...

Pimax Controllers Design Update

After Pimax had revealed their final design for their upcoming Pimax 8k controllers, I directly jumped online for a breaking news update on MRTV! As we learned, there will be two designs. One with thu...

Pimax Controllers

The Pimax Controllers are wireless VR motion controllers developed for the Pimax 8k. They come in 2 variations, one with thumbstick, the other one with touchpad.

Image Courtesy Valve

Valve Knuckles

The Valve Knuckles are wireless VR controllers that work together with the Steam lighthouse tracking system.

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