Great for tightly localized fun

(This review is for Rift + Touch combo. There’s no point in this device without Touch controllers.)

As of July 2018 I’ve had the Rift bundle for over a year now. Initially I was wow’d by level of quality from installing and setup of the device, to the immersion of finishing the setup, the tutorial phase and seamless transition into Oculus First Contact minigame. After playing with that for a while it straight jump into Robo Recall and whole VR thing was sold to me for life. Actually even after over a year of playing I still have hard time trying to find anything even comparable to the level of finish of those. Sure Valve has nice experiences made and Raw Data had good reviews, but to me those can’t hold a candle to the year old stuff Rift Touch shipped with.

Sure as said in MRTV review there are eye shattering god rays and screen door effect makes playing realistic looking games like Dirt Rally a pain, but games made with these limitations in mind are just simply awesome. Games with clear cartoonish lines and more colorful backgrounds suffer way less from the effects of god rays or sde, which is usually the case of games made specifically for Rift. I have hard time thinking of better controllers for BOXVR or Gorn (Touch controllers are pretty good at taking punishment as well as dishing it out). Outside those games there are also older games like Serious Sam VR that work incredibly well with Oculus visuals and controllers. Well at least as long as you master the art of thumbstick snap turning, because that avoids you the hassle of buying and setting up that third sensor. Most Oculus content is made to be playable sitting down, thumbstick turning is pretty much always supported and the controllers are small and durable, so can Oculus might be preferable on areas unfit for other VR setups.

Then the one last elephant in the room: Facebook, Oculus Store and funded exclusive content. I usually avoid buying games to platforms outside Steam (90% of my VR games are from Steam) and I actually don’t even have Facebook profile, so you might think this would be a deal breaker for me. Still when you get over it and see what Oculus funded games like From Other Suns can be like, just forget it and have fun. Life’s too short to have corporate grudges.

Still good value package with maybe the best overall software and compact hardware. Trades blows with Vive for the best 1st gen externally tracked HMD for anyone, but unfortunately suffers from the threat of more affordable WMR sets and similarly priced Samsung Odyssey in US, not to mention superior hardware in the horizon and no foreseeable upgrade path.
  • Controllers
  • Bundled games
  • Exclusive Oculus games
  • Compact and pretty HMD
  • First time setup experience and tutorial
  • ...every setup after the first one
  • Hoarding of USB ports
  • Almost requires 3rd sensor for 360 roomscale
  • Narrow FOV
  • Dated resolution and visible SDE
Features - 8
Comfort - 0
Display - 1

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