Vive Pro 2 FOV Mod – Get Way More FOV Out Of Your Vive Pro 2 [FrankenFOV Mod]

The Vive Pro 2 offers a nice bump in FOV, especially horizontally. When you first put it on though, it won’t feel like that. Especially when you are coming from the Valve Index! Because vertically, actually you will have less FOV than with the Valve Index. And you won’t feel that you have more horizontally, the first thing you will feel is that you have less vertically. It is just how we perceive things.

The Original Vive Pro 2 Facepad is comfy…but thick!

Good thing: there is a really simple fix! Simply exchange the facepad! The original facepad that comes with the Vive Pro 2 is pretty thick. Your eyes can get way closer to the lenses and therefore gain so much more FOV! I recommend the following thin Facepad from VR Cover: XG Cool Foam Pad. You get it here: US-Link, EU-Link, International-Link.

FrankenFOVed Vive Pro 2 using the VR Cover Cool XG Foam Pad

It is actually for Oculus Quest 2, but it fits perfectly, is very thin, incorporates a cooling gel that will make playing more comfortable and there is no light leakage when using it. The website says you would need the VR Facial Interface kit, but for this mod, you will not need it because the Pro 2 already offers the velcro to attach it to!

I hope you enjoy this simple yet effective mod!

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  1. I just received the XG Cool Foam Pad that you recommended for this, the package came with 2 covers, one thinner than the other. I tried making the thin one work but I can’t seem to adjust it to not leak any light. Could you confirm which exact Foam Pad you are using out of the 2 that come with the XG Cool Foam Pad set?

    • I am using the thin one and it works for me without light leakage!

  2. I hope I win the giveaway because I never got a giveaway 🍀

  3. Got the recommended one, and yeah, light leakage. I haven’t tested it much, so I might be able to get around it, but it feels very obvious to me in that this cover wasn’t designed for the headset. I have to bend it more so, and even then, it doesn’t fully line up as much as the stock one does.

    Do you think it might just be a better idea to order the Vive Pro version of the cover from their website? I had ordered your recommended one from their Amazon, but the Vive Pro one only appears on their site.

    That said, I do like the feel of the recommended cover over the stock cover.

  4. Hi,
    Could you please make a thru-the-lens video at half resolution like you did for the Reverb G2?


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