Oculus Rift S Review

The Oculus Rift S is an incredible VR headset, especially considering the affordable asking price. It is one of the headsets that I can generally recommend to everyone who is looking for a great headset under $500 that has everything you need to delve into PC VR gaming. The picture quality in VR is really nice and even a year after release it can still compete against more expensive headsets like the Valve Index. Colors are not as good as Index ones but overall, picture quality is good and better than that of the predecessor and Quest in Link mode. The inside-out tracking works flawlessly and the controllers are great! Overall, a clear recommendation! The only big caveat: the Rift S does not allow for manual IPD adjustment. So people with a very small or very big IPD should better choose the Samsung Odyssey Plus or the Quest instead, if they want to stay in the Sub $500 category or directly go for the Valve Index.
  • Great Value For Money
  • Very Comfortable
  • Better Picture Quality than Rift CV1 / Quest
  • Fantastic Inside-Out Tracking
  • Good Controllers
  • Plays Rift and SteamVR Content
  • Smaller Than Average FOV
  • No IPD Adjustment
  • Facial Pad Not Interchangeable

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