Oculus Quest Review

This Quest Review comes in 6 parts. Enjoy!

The Oculus Quest is a real breakthrough for the VR industry. I can wholeheartedly recommend this headset to everyone, the VR beginner and VR enthusiast alike. What you are getting here is a full-fledged VR experience that does not feel like a compromise as compared to the PC VR headsets. Quite the opposite actually since you are getting a completely wireless system that is not dependent on a PC or a smartphone. The inside-out tracking works well for the headset as well as the controllers and the picture quality in VR does not disappoint as well. There is a big selection of games you can choose from and if that is still not enough, you could simply connect the device to your gaming PC and make the Quest a PCVR headset. The Oculus Quest is a true winner and if you are wondering if it is the right headset for you, let me answer that question for you: most probably yes!
  • Wireless
  • No Computer / Phone Needed
  • Great OLED Display
  • Fantastic Colors & Blacks
  • Precise Inside-Out Tracking
  • Very Good Controllers
  • Becomes PCVR Headset With Oculus Link Cable
  • Good Game Selection
  • Option To Sideload Content
  • Inexpensive For What It Offers
  • IPD Adjustment
  • Comfort Could Be Better

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  1. Still rocking the Quest in 2021! This is a great device. The wide IPD support, inky black OLED panels, and numerous comfort mods make this a great value two years later! Still haven’t connected a Facebook account… 😉

    Having tried the Quest 2 and been disappointed by the LED screen, I think I’ll hold out for a Mini LED headset as the technology seems to compare to OLED in terms of vibrancy and black levels.


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