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    Artwork for offices by Sarah Berger

    Art is more than just a pretty picture, with office managers sourcing art that will resonate and have meaning for their employees and clients. Some artworks are easier to include in a rooms theme, and it all has to do with the mood you want to create for the space you are living in. Different rooms may attract different styles of art. For example you may want art that makes you think for an office space, but pieces that are perhaps more calming for a staff rest area such as a staff canteen.

    Working alongside Office Managers

    Sarah specialises in modern art for sale. These are original, hand-painted textured art on canvas, not flat printed canvasses that are sold worldwide. Sarah sells her artwork via a highly reputable gallery, namely Wychwood Art Gallery. As such you can be assured that the artwork for your office is of a high quality and a good investment. Sarah will work alongside you and your brief to ensure she delivers your perfect piece of office artwork for you to admire for many years. Sarah has a selection of contemporary impressionistic original artworks for sale in a variety of sizes.

    Commission a bespoke artwork

    Do you have something in mind for your office? You have a specific colour palette and specs for a project? No problem, Sarah can create a custom artwork in any size, colour and finish to match your project’s requirements. She can customise any piece of work to match your style and interior. If you are an office manager or business owner looking for the perfect artwork for your office please do get in touch.
    Art for offices

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