Upcoming Angry Birds VR Update Adds First-Ever Level Builder Mode

Design and share custom-built puzzles in a dedicated sandbox-building environment. 

Resolution Games — developer behind popular VR titles including Acron: Attack of the Squirrels, Bait!, Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs, and Narrows, today announced a new level builder mode heading to Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs, marking the first time in the history of the franchise we’ll be able to design and share our own custom Angry Birds levels.

Arriving on headsets this holiday season, the update will include a “sandbox level-building environment” where you can craft your own complex structures, strategically place dynamite, and then plant your selection of unlucky piggies. Based on the video provided, you’ll have numerous blocks of varying materials to choose from as well as other elements like boulders, TNT, and standard crates. You’ll also have the ability to select which types of birds (basic Red Birds, lightning-fast Yellow Birds, etc) players have access to as well as how many. 

Image Credit: Resolution Games

“We have been working on this level builder technology for some time and are very excited to have it make its debut in Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs,” said Tommy Palm, CEO and co-founder of Resolution Games, in an official release. “With our upcoming release, players will have the power to show their creativity in ways we could never imagine. We can’t wait to see what the fans come up with!”

Image Credit: Resolution Games

At launch, the only way to share your carefully-crafted levels will be locally by sharing your headset with your test subjects — err.. friends and family. Resolution hopes to implement online sharing functionality sometime in 2020 with the hopes of building a community-driven ecosystem of custom maps. 

“For now, we’re eager to get a local version out so fans can start tinkering with the level builder and have endless fun with their creations,” added Palm.

Image Credit: Resolution Games

Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs’ Level Builder update arrives on all platforms later this year.

Feature Image Credit: Resolution Games

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