PlayStation VR Definitely Won’t be Getting Expert+ for Beat Saber This Week

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Earlier this week Beat Games teased on Twitter that the PlayStation VR version of popular rhythm action title Beat Saber would ‘probably’ be getting an update this week adding Expert+ mode. Unfortunately, Beat Saber fans are going to have to wait a little while longer to try this much more challenging difficulty level, as the studio has confirmed it definitely won’t be happening this week.

Beat Saber POP/Stars

Once again revealing the details via the social media site, Beat Games explained the reasons behind the delay: “Unfortunately, we encountered a serious issue with leaderboards not showing for Expert+ on PS VR. Due to that we need to postpone the release of the new update to next week, until it’s solved on the server’s side. We’re very sorry, but don’t be afraid, it’s coming eventually!”

As is the way with videogame development these types of issues can easily occur when you’re not expecting them to – hence why developers don’t tend to tease information like that. Even so, Beat Games wants to rest assure fans that they won’t have long to wait, replying to a query about how long the postponement will last, saying: “Right to the beginning of next week. :)” So while you may not have the whole weekend to practice the insane Expert+ mode, you’ll have next week instead.

Alongside the Expert+ mode Beat Games is working on, the studio also has several Music Packs in-development. Unlike the new difficulty mode which should be a free update like the PC version, the Music Packs will be paid DLC for those that want to increase their library of titles. The packs seem to be focused more towards PlayStation VR than the PC version due to the latter being heavily modded by the PC community, something PlayStation VR users can’t do.  Beat Saber Screenshot

Beat Saber has proven to be massively popular with the PlayStation VR community, having secured PlayStation.Blog’s ‘Best PS VR Experience’ 2018, as well as the number one downloaded title last year in Europe and number two in North America. VRFocus will continue its coverage of Beat Saber and Beat Games, reporting back with the latest updates.


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