Indie Studio Critical Charm Unveils Debut Title A Giant Problem

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Having been founded just over six months ago, Finnish indie developer Critical Charm has now announced its first project, a virtual reality (VR) title called A Giant Problem, which is planned for release via Steam Early Access soon.

A Giant Problem

From Critical Charm’s description of A Giant Problem, the videogame sounds like a mashup between real-time strategy gameplay and tower defence. Players find themselves defending their home against an assault of troops from the King, here to claim taxes. There’s just one little problem they have to face, and that’s you, as you just so happen to be a giant.

As the gigantic defender of the village, you’ll be able to swat away troops with your hands, missiles, toss rolling rocks and lob large logs at the oncoming hordes. The villagers aren’t helpless, however, you’re able to command them to mount a defence, whilst repairing the walls. To succeed players must ensure their villagers survive, whilst protecting their gold and holding the King’s forces back.

To aid you in your endeavour, you also have access to some magical abilities. Like any good fantasy focused videogame you’ll be able to wield the elements, throwing balls of fire and bolts of lightning to take down those dastardly troops.

A Giant Problem

Currently, Critical Charm has yet to reveal what A Giant Problem looks like or how the game actually plays, only releasing these artistic images. Support has already been confirmed for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality headsets, with the studio stating on its website that: “The final features are still being determined as the game is in early alpha.”

A Giant Problem is set to be released into Steam Early Access in Q1 2019 and will also be available for purchase via, the Oculus store, VivePort, and elsewhere in Q2 2019.

Critical Charm is based in Helsinki, Finland, headed up by CEO Marjo Sutinen. The rest of the team include Minna Salminen, Sebastian Riikonen, and Gregory Pellechi. They’ve been involved in Farm League, the game incubator at Games Factory. As further details are released regarding A Giant Problem, VRFocus will keep you updated with the latest announcements.


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