The Best Google Cardboard Games of 2018

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When it comes to virtual reality (VR) tech it can be easy to jump straight to headsets like Oculus Rift or PlayStation VR as the best way to enjoy immersive entertainment. But they can be expensive so models such as Oculus Go or Samsung Gear VR are a more cost-effective way of entering the market. They’re not the cheapest, however, with Google wrapping that corner of the market up a while ago with its Cardboard headset. There’s all manner of Cardboard iterations, some free, some retailing for a few quid. So long as you have a compatible Android device then it’s a great way introduction to VR, so here are VRFocus’ favourite videogames from 2018.

The Best Google Cardboard Games of 2018

Zombie Donuts – Virtro Entertainment

If you’re after an inoffensive, sweet little first-person shooter (FPS) then Virtro Entertainment’s Zombie Donuts is a fun adventure. Zombie Donuts sees you fighting off waves of the undead sugary hordes with your trusty marshmallow blaster. You’ll face the evil doughnuts in waves over 3 different levels. In each level, zombie doughnuts will sneak up on you from every angle, in this immersive 360 experience. Manage your ammo and aim carefully to score extra points with long, bounce and trick shots.

Deadbotz 3 VR Mute Winter – Anjin Games

Another FPS, Deadbotz 3 VR Mute Winter puts you in the role of Space Marine John MacClure as he journeys through the galaxy attempting to wipe out the dangerous and destructive Cyborg Botz Clan. One of its biggest features is the server-based multiplayer, allowing players from all over the world to fight it out.

VR Diving – Deep Sea Discovery – Virtual Amigos

When it comes to apps and games for Google Cardboard, it’s the educational genre that the headset is most well known for. For those that love the oceans and what lurks beneath the waves, there’s Virtual Amigos’ VR Diving – Deep Sea DiscoveryDispense with the need for diving school and explore the deepest recesses of the sea, learning about some of the exotic wildlife that lives there.

D-GLES – Kokak

Ok, ok, yes it’s another shooter but it’s Doom, DOOM, everyone. There’ is the other small cravat that D-GLES isn’t VR compatible right out the box, you have to buy the title (£1.89 GBP) then buy the VR support in-game (under £1). In our book, that’s still cheap and you can then play VR Doom anywhere, which is no bad thing.

Alien Dunes VR

Alien Dunes VR – A Whispering Eons Prequel – MiCk Software

Whispering Eons #0 launched a couple of years ago as cyberpunk space-opera adventure. This month MiCk Software has now added to the story with prequel Alien Dunes VR. Although shorter than the sibling Alien Dunes VR gives a good glimpse of Whispering Eons Episode #1 by allowing you to wander around the New Gaea Equatorial desert dunes. Plus it’s not another VR shooter.

The Turning Forest 2

The Turning Forest – BBC

Not so much a videogame and more a VR fairy tale, The Turning Forest is a surreal immersive story, set in a magical forest with a fantastical creature. In it a young child stares into the eyes of the creature, together, they begin a journey transporting audiences into a realm of folk laws and childlike imagination.

The Island VR

The Island VR – DormRoom

“The Island VR is a VR experience where you get to explore a beautiful lush green tropical Island,” states the studio. Featuring real-time shadows, realistic lighting and a day-night cycle, The Island VR is one of the titles where you can just get away from the world and releax in tranquil surroundings, without going through the stress of having to physically seek somewhere like this out.

Flutter VR – Runaway

Another relaxing experience, this time VRFocus heads to the rainforest to chase butterflies in Flutter VR. “Over five days, see the environment change from day to night and rain to sunshine as you meet and discover new creatures. Unlock journal entries by documenting species and uncovering hidden secrets! Photograph each new find and immerse yourself in the wondrous world of the rainforest!”

VR Racer – Highway Traffic 360 – Rabbit Mountain

After all that relaxing you might need something to kick in some adrenaline, and what better way than some high-octane racing. Simply jump behind the wheel during rush hour and race the highway traffic at high speed. VR Racer – Highway Traffic 360 features real car physics, night and rain levels, and multiple cars with upgrades.

VR Thrills Bubble Shooter

VR Thrills: Bubble Shooter – softappteam

And to finish things off, how about a nice addictive little puzzle experience called VR Thrills: Bubble Shooter. Free to download, the aim is to pop as many bubbles as possible within the time frame. To do this you need to colour match the reticule with the corresponding colour, simple but effective gameplay.


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