AltspaceVR Offers Social Reach For Organizers In VR

Altspace, the popular social VR app that is most notably compatible with both 3DOF and 6DOF VR headsets, is becoming efficient for users looking to get groups of people to connect and organize within VR.

On a technical level, AltspaceVR has received a series of updates designed for event organizers to host audiences on stages that can be broadcast to several consecutive “overflow rooms”, allowing hundreds of AltspaceVR users to attend the same events simultaneously. It also boasts 3D audio attenuation which makes conversations sound and feel real when immersed.

“It took a while before I first started talking to people,” said Vivian Chazen, founder and showrunner of The Hive, a talk show that uniquely uses Altspace’s VR presence to full effect.

“Within two months of joining, I started talking about what I do for work, which is working with older adults who suffer from isolation and loneliness, and how technology can help with that.”

“I did a program about my work, and from there I got involved with the community and eventually entered this talk show competition called ‘Who Wants To Be A Talk Show Host?’. It was in exchange for a custom avatar, which was awesome. I accidentally auditioned, and then I got an email saying I qualified for the semi-finals. That went well, I went to the finals, and now I’m here!”

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