Report: Oculus Planning ‘Rift S’ Iterative Upgrade For 2019

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TechCrunch is reporting Facebook’s leadership chose not to pursue former CEO Brendan Iribe’s “complete redesign” of the Oculus Rift in favor of a “Rift S” that could arrive in 2019 and would likely feature a tracking system similar to the one on Oculus Quest.

The narrative TechCrunch writer Lucas Matney is reporting across two stories suggests the Oculus co-founder is leaving Facebook “partially” due to “decisions surrounding the cancellation of a next-generation” project with the code name of “Caspar.”

In its place will be a project “possibly” called the “Rift S”, according to Matney’s reporting, which includes a


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  1. This is just too late for me. I wanted a rift, maybe if they released it now I would have bought. It’s just too late. 2018 has Pimax, Vive Pro, Samsung Odyssey +, and all of them, excluding maybe Vive pro, are better.


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