Pimax 8K v2 Hands-On Review

In October 2017 I had the opportunity to go hands-on with the v2 version of the Pimax 8k. Please note that since that time quite a few things have changed (lenses, software, etc) so while this video will give you an idea what I thought about my limited time with the Pimax 8k at that time, I does not reflect the current development status of the Pimax 8k!

Here is the video:

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  1. Hi Sebastian, i wrote this on one of swevivers youtubes as a comment. So imagine pixels not being on the perfect spot because of the wrong resolution in games. So he is doing it all wrong, read my comment plz its more important than you think. If the wrong resolution is applied, then supersampling wont make a big deal because if you would render a500+ pixels width and 380 height then you start of with a distorted image, then trying to make it right isn’t going to do any good. He better make all reviews again, and if you made the same mistake you should do so too. Always in the game check to see if te image is 2560×1440 never use 1920×1080, you might be getting more frames due to the lesser needed corrections. Here is what i said to sweviver, after noticing an ingame moment where the game settings was on 1920×1080. #Did you aplied a 2560×1440 resolution in game? right. Your using full HD 1080p resolution which is less demanding then 2560×1440 per eye. From this mistake you start “tweaking” to get a better image, thats mistake upon mistake. First of al make a custom resolution. If you r nvidia settings are duplicating to both monitors you’ll have to expand them. Then make a custom resolution 2560×1440 then test it appky it, but if your monitor is full HD then do not apply 2560×1440 on that monitor. Just make sure it is in your graphic settings as an option . Now when you after these steps get in your game set the resolution for your game in your game to 2560×1440. It should in VR apply to both screens. Now you be able to test the games the right way and come up with decent numbers on the right resolutions. And plz do everything you’ve done so far in all your reviews again. Also new screenshots of the sde in game. What you have delivered US so far isn’t worth. Goodluck!!


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