Fantastic Headset – Great Value

In my opinion the Lenovo Explorer is a fantastic headaset at a wonderful price. It is a steal at around $250 and offers LOADS of value. The visuals are fantastic and better than Rift and Vive. Even the FOV is comparable to the other headsets.

But the biggest plus must be how comfortable it is and how awesome it is to be able to just turn the visor up to go back to reality if you need. Really can recommend the device. But yes, there is no IPD adjustment.

I can wholeheartedly recommend the Lenovo Explorer. It is a wonderful device with a fantastic price and value for money. I would even say that this is the best Windows Mixed Reality device if you compare the cheaper options and don't have the funds to go for the Samsung Odyssey. Wonderful headset! Well done, Lenovo!
  • Great Value
  • Very Good Visuals
  • Super Comfortable
  • Can Switch Up Visor
  • No IPD adjustment

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  1. Very good and comphortable headset. Sadly, the face pad broke easely, and the cable holder break easy too.

    • Same.. The cable holder broke too… and the Flip up mechanism broke too.. i use it with tape now


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