Dell Visor Review

The Dell Visor is one of the first headsets that launched together with the Windows Mixed Reality Platform. Like the headsets that launched with it, the Dell device sports an LCD panel with a resolution of 1440 * 1440 pixels per eye that makes it look considerably better than Oculus Rift and the original HTC Vive in terms of visual clarity.

Unfortunately the Dell Visor cannot compete with its Windows MR brethren when it comes to the FOV though. Even though the company advertises the Dell Visor with an FOV of 110°, in a side by side comparison the device has a lower FOV than the Lenovo Explorer, the Asus WinMR headset and the Samsung Odyssey. Moreover, the Dell Visor is quite heavy and not as comfortable as the Lenovo Explorer or the Samsung Odyssey. Unfortunately, the Dell Visor also does not come with manual IPD adjustment, headphones or a built-in microphone.

On the plus side, the build quality is really good. This is a sturdy device that looks and feels like it could take a beating. The parts that come in touch with the user’s face are made out of vinyl-like fabric that is also used in the Playstation VR and which is very easy to clean. That is really important if the device shall be used by several people. Moreover, the Dell Visor sports a solid flip-up mechanism that works better than most of the other Windows MR headsets, because the cables are not directly attached to the moving visor part.

Overall, the Dell Visor is a solid Windows MR headsets that can be recommended to consumers that are looking for a sturdy device that can take a beating. It’s a great device for multiple users because it can easily be cleaned and can survive some rough handling. If you want the highest FOV and the best comfort though, better go for the similarly priced Lenovo Explorer.

The Dell Visor is a solid Windows Mixed Reality headset with a fantastic build quality and an overall premium feel as compared to the competition. The flip-up mechanism works great and the device is well-suited for being used by several players because it can easily be cleaned between sessions. Unfortunately the Dell Visor is quite heavy and it is not one of the most comfortable Windows MR headsets. Also the FOV, while acceptable, is a few degrees lower than that of its direct competitor, the Lenovo Explorer. Still, if you are looking for a well-built headset that can take a beating, the Dell Visor will be a great purchase.
  • Sturdy, Good Build Quality
  • Good Flip Up Mechanic
  • Good Resolution / Lenses
  • No Base Stations Needed
  • Competitive Price
  • No IPD Adjustment
  • Controller Tracking Not Always Spot On
  • No Integrated Headphones / Mic
  • Heavy
  • Not As Comfy As Competition
Features - 7
Comfort - 7
Display - 8
Lenses - 8
FOV - 6
Controllers - 7
Tracking - 8
Content - 9

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