Month: April 2018

Samsung Odyssey Review

The Samsung Odyssey is the flagship headset among the Windows MR devices. And that’s still true now, more than half a year after it had launched end of 2017. What sets it apart from the other Wi...

8.4 Great

Sony Playstation VR

The PSVR introduced Virtual Reality to console gamers worldwide.

8 Great

HTC Vive Pro

The 1.5 update to the original Vive.

8 Great

HTC Vive

The original HTC Vive. At this moment in time already a legendary VR headset.

8 Great

HP Windows MR

HP's take on Windows Mixed Reality Headsets.

7.4 Good

Asus Windows MR

Asus' take on Windows Mixed Reality Headsets.

7.8 Good

Acer Windows MR

Acer's take on Windows Mixed Reality Headsets.

Dell Visor

Dell's first take on a Windows MR Headset.

7.5 Good

Samsung Odyssey

Samsung's take on Windows MR headsets and so far: king of the Windows MR hill!

8.4 Great

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